What are Shona sculptures?

Shona Sculptures are a modern art movement in Zimbabwe with deep imbedded roots in to the country ancient times. They name itself “Shona comes from the largest Clan in Zimbabwe, the Clan itself being a mix of many different smaller tribes. The Shona are the most seasoned clan in Zimbabwe and are accepted to be the amazing gatekeepers of King Solomon’s mines. Visit Why African Art for more information.

Where do the sculptures come from?

All of our sculptures are made by artists in Zimbabwe. Visit Why African Art for more information.

Who makes the sculptures?

The sculptures are made by Zimbabwean stone sculptors. Visit Artist Stories for more information.

What are the sculptures made from?

Much of the stone used in Shona sculpture belongs to the Serpentine family. This type of sedimentary, metamorphic stone can be found in a wide variety of colours, from deep green-blacks to rarer and brighter semi-precious types.

These materials are abundant in Zimbabwe, with much of the stone coming from the countries “Great Dyke”. This geological formation stretches for hundreds of kilometers is an exceptionally mineral rich vein where Serpentine that was formed millions of years ago is brought to the surface. Much of these stones are mined in small, open cast natural quarries by the locals or artists themselves. This process has little ecological impact, and provides an important source of income for communities. The increasing popularity of Shona art and its usage of this material has led to prosperity for the communities that have embraced it.

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Are these artworks authentic?

Once a customer purchase a Sculpture from us Mabwe Gallery will include a Certificate of Authenticity inside the package to be sent to the collector who has purchased the sculpture.The certificate is signed by the Artist who created the Sculpture.

Certificate of Authenticity

(Sample Certificate)


How have you found these artists?

We know these artists as we are also local Zimbabwean people. We happen to love the art made by the stone sculptures and want to give it more exposure.

How are the artists paid for their work?

Mabwe Gallery have developed personal and working relationships with our artists. When you purchase a sculpture from us your money goes towards a stable and sustainable income for our artists. By purchasing one of our sculptures you will be ensuring the artists receive the money to maintain, grow and prosper individually and as a community. Our artists are paid honestly and fairly for their work; and our policies ensure that they are recognised for the work they do.

Do you work with new artists?

We work closely with many well known artists, but it is our aim to provide a platform on which upcoming talent can be displayed. It is our privilege to represent some of the most talented and upcoming sculptors of the Shona sculpture movement. Mabwe Gallery are committed to ensuring that the sculptors receive both the recognition and financial reward that their work deserves.


How can I buy an artwork?

If you find a sculpture here on the website that you wish to buy, make an enquiry using the online form and a member of our sales team will be in contact regarding the purchase process. We accept most major credit card payments. Speak to our sales team for further information.

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Is there somewhere that I can see the sculptures in person?

We show our collection of sculptures at various events around Sydney. Feel free to visit us at any of these local exhibitions, markets and fairs.

How long does it take to receive the artwork?

Between 2 and 7 days for most Sydney addresses. Our sales team will confirm the delivery timeframe of your sculpture during the purchase process.

What is the delivery process?

We offer a delivery service for purchases made through our website. Our team will deliver your purchased sculpture to your nominated address and ensure that it is installed safely.

Can I return a sculpture?

If you are unhappy with the sculpture you have purchased, please contact our support team and we will work to resolve that for you.

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Can I make a request?

Currently we only offer artworks produced from our artists own inspiration. However, if you have something in mind our sales team could find out if we have anything similar available or if any of our artists make work similar to what you are looking for. Please speak to a sales consultant for more information.

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Who provides your delivery and logistics service?

Our deliveries are managed and fulfilled by Grace. Find out more information on their service here.